Train your sales team to secure a higher return

Sales teams bring value to organizations; they are the front-end warriors, the ambassadors of the company that help win big deals and showcase the strengths of your products to potential customers.

Yet, it is often seen that training sales teams are not regarded as the priority it deserves. Most often, they are saddled with targets and not offered the opportunity to upskill themselves – which is critical to achieving success in today’s competitive marketplace.

With more real estate developers offering more residential projects, attracting investors and converting them as your company’s customers is not an easy task. It calls for specialized skills that is not only limited to an understanding of your product but also the market trends and the fast-changing lifestyle aspirations of customers.

Research by Hubspot identified that more than 66 percent of salespeople are not reaching their targets due to various reasons, including a lack of thorough understanding of the company’s services and products.

‘Hiring and firing’ sales teams are in fact the least effective for organizations, as the study also observes that the cost of replacing an employee can be up to 200 percent of the employee’s annual pay. Not to forget the need to train the new members of your company.

Providing timely and regular training for your sales team is important to achieve a higher return. In providing the training there are four factors to be considered: Make sure you have experts to lead the program; always test the success of the training – as it is proved that 75 percent of new learning is forgotten in six days; host follow-up sessions to reinforce the lessons from the training because research has proven that it takes about two months for a new skill to become an employee habit; and finally, measure and track the success of the program.

By identifying the areas that need to be strengthened and creating bespoke training session for teams of employees, organisations can inspire employees to push themselves – as they become more confident of their own skills and help communicate your brand better, leading to more sales and returns for the company. 

As the sales function is indeed the backbone of the organisation, investing in your sales team – through internal or external training sessions – is indeed investing in the company’s future

This information has been provided by Cecilia Reinaldo CEO at Home Owners Direct HOD

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