How to renegotiate house rent with landlord in UAE during COVID-19?

 How to renegotiate house rent with landlord in UAE during COVID-19?

Be transparent with your landlord for a change in contract terms that are already contracted. Show a letter from the employer which shows you have faced a salary cut, been furloughed or been asked to go on unpaid leave. If the landlord feels there is a genuine reason why your situation has changed, then some of them can be reasonable to be more flexible. Even landlords are now getting a deferral of six months on their mortgage installments from banks,”

If a tenant is in the middle of a lease and they have faced a salary cut or lost their job, they will have to provide evidence to the landlord that their circumstance has changed. They can request for a rent reduction or a deferral on the next rental cheque. But the landlord is not obligated to do it. It depends on the personal relationship you have with your landlord.

Tips to negotiate your house rent with the landlord

  • Provide proof of change in your financial circumstance
  • Check comparable unit prices on property portals
  • Express your intent to extend lease by another year
  • If you are a long-standing tenant, demand 1 to 2 months free of rent in the lease
  • Be honest with your landlord
  • Cite how UAE banks are deferring mortgage payments for landlords

Source – Gulf News . Read the full article here

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