How to Take Handover of Your Property in Dubai from Abroad?

 How to Take Handover of Your Property in Dubai from Abroad?

The life is so full of unpredictable challenges and strange surprises. We can never predict the future. That is a beauty of life.

Let’s imagine that you had lived and worked in Dubai as an expatriate and during this time, you purchased an off-plan property in Dubai, one of the most popular Emirates in UAE for expats. Unfortunately, due to personal or economic circumstances, you had to return to your home country. Construction of you property completes when you are overseas. You need to take possession of your ready property and receive your title deed, but you are not in the country.

What complicates matters even further is the fact that you do not have time or an opportunity to travel to Dubai and be present during the handover.

In fact, this scenario is far from fiction and many people have faced it in the past and will undoubtedly face it in the future. So, what to do in such case?

Not to worry. This is where a Power of Attorney (“POA”) can be a useful and practical legal tool.

A POA is an instrument through which you can authorize someone else (“agent”) to represent you or act on behalf of you in regard to personal and business dealings.

If you sign your POA outside the UAE, the POA has to be duly legalized. You can check our blog on the steps to follow for legalizing a Power of Attorney from abroad to use in UAE.

If you have a friend or a member of the family in Dubai, then one of them can act as your agent and receive your property from a developer on your behalf by the virtue of a special Power of Attorney for property handover. If none of your friends or relatives are currently based in Dubai, it is also worthwhile considering appointing a professional Power of Attorney firm to assist you in this process.

Prior to obtaining the keys to your property and title deed under your name, you will be required to clear any outstanding payments on the property price as well as various others fees including land department fees, utility connection fees and various deposits before taking possession of the property as the new owner.

Before taking possession of your new property, you may want to carry out a thorough inspection of the property to ensure that there are no defects or issues related to the property. It is advisable to carry out your property inspection and get a snagging report prior to signing any handover paperwork. After signing hand-over documents, requests for any repairs will be difficult and may be time-consuming.

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